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We are Global Fchain Secured Company, an Australian based company involved with secured trading in cryptocurrencies. Our company was founded by a group of skilled analysts and experienced traders, to create a secure and highly profitable funds opportunities. Our trading department is primarily focused on the trading of Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, XLM, XRP. We help our clients earn money on the volatility of the cryptocurrency market. Due to the use of high frequency, medium-term and long-term trading strategies our company is able to consistently generate a high percentage of profits and thereby pay high interests to their investors.

  • Our success is secured by well-coordinated work of a big team of experts (economists, analysts, traders) whose interaction leads to the efficient operation of the whole company. Cooperation with us means new opportunities in obtaining stable passive income, regardless of external factors. Backup security, predictability of processes and predictability of profits are the three main advantages of our company when it comes to cooperation with potential investors based on our online resource.

    • Fchain Secured Company - is a research-based funds security management company with a singular focus on ventures, tokens, and projects related to blockchain tech, digital currency, and crypto assets. Founded in 2015, we manages money for many of the world’s capital investors. Our activities are focused on establishing a long-term trust relationship between the company, its partners and customers. Our goal - a stable income of each investor. We offer you an interesting funds secured system, an international working environment and excellent career opportunities, qualified support to partners at all stages of cooperation

      • Fchain Secured Company - a fund security based company focused on maximizing profitability with minimum risk. Our Platform combines a pool of investors' assets that are managed by professionals in the interests of investors. We use modern trading strategies, which include a variety of means of generating profit (currency trading, securities, exchange transactions, etc). Our company provides a stable profit using effective tools and opportunities. We collaborate with popular brands and have privileged conditions (lower interest rates, insider information). Due to this, we diversify the funds and ensure a stable profit for our investors.

Time Line

See what our team are doing during Last 3 Years


Growth internationally first half of the 2019s

Our companies quoted on the Stock Exchange (SE) to grow cumulative profit by $124 billion, representing 38 per cent increase in first half of 2019. we recorded $404.4 billion, compared to the 2017 cumulative half year earnings of $300 billion. We have also recorded a marginal growth of $121bn revenue, amounting to $1.171tn above the $2tn recorded in 2017, which represents a marginal 5.7 per cent. This result is coming in despite the period being marked by a global stock market correction and a return of volatility after a remarkably calm period over 2017.



Growth internationally first half of the 2020s

After a highly successful start to 2020, we posted the best half-year revenues in our company’s history despite a difficult market environment and one of the best half-year earnings. Our two divisions complement each other ideally in regional performance and continued to gain market share. This confirms our special business model. Earnings are also substantially higher than in the prior year. Overall, we are highly satisfied with the company’s performance and confirm our guidance for the full year. We are nevertheless taking precautionary measures with regard to efficiency and cost control in order to safeguard our competitiveness and profitability.



Growth internationally first half of the 2021s

The operating EBITDA closed with a significant increase to $26.6 Mn (compared with $11.5 million in the previous financial year). This performance is explained by the rebound in activity recorded mainly in the first quarter of 2020, combined with a careful policy of cost control, particularly in marketing, in order to prudently address a deteriorated market environment. The current operating income (so-called ROC) therefore shows strong growth at $15.3 million (compared with $.4 million in the previous financial year). This performance applies to all the “tradings”, “Shares & Forex” and “security” divisions, with a ROC of $8.5 Mn, $5.4 Mn and $1.4 Mn respectively. Net earnings stand at $11.1 Mn (compared with $1.9 Mn for the previous financial year).